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Cantina Band - STAR WARS (Piano Cover) [hard] + sheets

2 years ago

►Learn the piano here: ►SHEETS: ►iTunes: ►GooglePlay: ►Amazon: ►MIDI: ►PATREON: ►FACEBOOK: ►TWITTER: This is Cantina Band from the original Star Wars - A New Hope with an improvised intro of Binary Sunset aka The Force Theme. I've purchased a couple of Star Wars piano sheet books and all the arrangements were really boring and bogged down. After some research I stumbled upon this insane transcription by Keeper1st ( which is as accurate to the original song as you can get but also incredibly challenging. So I made some adjustments to make it playable without changing the sound too much. Also, as this song progresses during the bridge, it devolves into something that is neither fun to play nor pleasant to listen to so I decided to jump back to the main theme halfway through the bridge. Enjoy! Music composed by John Williams Arranged for piano by AtinPiano Soundmix by Star Wars © Copyright: 1977 20th Century Fox




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