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Star Wars "Cantina Band" Song - The JC Jazz Crew

4 years ago

Buy our debut album "Four on the Floor" today on! The JC Jazz Crew jams out Justin's arrangement of the Star Wars "Cantina Band" song. The album is now out on CD Baby! Features this song, The Muppet Show theme, a few Disney tunes, and other early jazz hits! For those asking for the sheet music, do a web search on "Django Fakebook pdf". The version in there is the same chords and melody. You'll have to figure out our additions on your own. :) Justin Au - trumpet (Au Brothers Jazz Band, West End Stompers- Chloe Feoranzo - Clarinet (Postmodern Jukebox, several bands in New Orleans) Conrad Cayman - Guitar (The Big Butter Jazz Band -




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