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Theme Songs played by Pencil Compilation + Math Equations (Cantina Theme, Harry Potter Theme & More)

1 month ago

A compilation of theme songs played on a pencil through math equations. This compilation also includes songs played by the tapping of pencils and using a pencil to play an instrument. Some of the songs played by a pencil in this video include the Cantina Theme, Imperial March, Harry Potter Theme Song, the Pitch Perfect Cup Song, Mario Bros Theme, and We are Number One. If you enjoyed this video make sure to leave a like and comment below what your favorite theme was. Make sure to Subscribe: Follow me on Twitter: Check out all of the original videos: Star Wars Imperial March: Harry Potter Theme Song: Mario Theme Song: Star Wars Cantina Theme: Pitch Perfect Cup Song: We Are Number One: Mario Theme Song (Marker) : Mario Theme Song (Tapping): Darude Sandstorm: Here comes the Sun: Original video idea from Dani Ochoa.




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